Products & Services

The range of insurance products includes following lines:

• Land transport (other than railroad transport)
• Aviation hull
• Railroad transport
• Marine cargo and baggage
• Fire and perils
• Property (other than transport, cargo and baggage, fire an perils)
• Investment risks
• Financial risks
• Surety and guarantee
• Third party liability (apart from carriers’ and shippers’ liability)
• Aircraft owners/carrier liability
• PA
• Insurance against illness
• Medical insurance (permanent health insurance)
• Compulsory insurance against accident on transport
• Water transport insurance
• Compulsory aviation insurance
• Compulsory motor TPL including carriers’ liability
• Credit insurance
• Fire brigade personal accident
• Weapon holders’ liability
• Dangerous cargo carriers/owners liability
• Crop insurance
• Compulsory dog owners’ liability
• Liability of the owners/operators of especially dangerous objects which can affect environment.