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Joint Stock Insurance Company LEMMA was incorporated in Kharkov, Ukraine in 1994 and since then has become one of the largest Ukrainian non-life insurers.

Today the company offers a large variety of the insurance services in every kind of voluntary non-life insurance including insurance of aerospace risks, export and domestic credit insurance, nuclear operators’ liability insurance and crops insurance.

On the reciprocity basis LEMMA reinsures certain risks with large Russian and Latvian insurers.

Lemma is active as a reinsurer for both former Soviet Union companies (Russia, Latvia, Uzbekistan) and foreign states, mainly in North Africa and Gulf region.

Lemma provides reinsurance of short-term export credit risks in respect of Ukrainian buyers for several foreign export credit agencies and Eximbank of  Slovak Republic.

In the international insurance markets Lemma is closely cooperating with underwriting agencies in London and Paris. Some facultative risks are also placed via LLOYDS  as well as Russian, Egyptian, English and French brokers.

A representation agreement between LEMMA and Asset France was signed in Paris in June 2004.

The company is rated by Dun & Bradstreet and audited by the BDO.

The company is staffed with mainly young professionals dedicated to insurance but also uses the services of highly professional foreign underwriters in evaluating the risks from outside the Ukraine.

LEMMA is member of the Ukrainian Marine Bureau, Motor Bureau, Russian Association of the Aerospace Insurers and an observer in the International Association of Insurance Supervisor.

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